Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Self-Indulgence

Teach your children well. Let's start with this Fox News video clip via Townhall about the plethora of scantily clad ladies on the covers of mainstream magazines. Check out the near nude Lindsay Lohan on the cover of New York magazine. A few weeks ago, they had Eliot Spitzer with an arrow toward his crotch labelled "brain." And I thought that was a bit crude. Says something about our taste and common sense, doesn't it?

I'm a believer. In "Missing a Generation," Michael Barone has a novel take on the presidential candidates. One interesting assertion in the piece is that much of our recent politics has consisted of a battle battle between the two halves of the boomer generation. mmmm.

Time is on my side. In a move reminiscent of the Roman Catholic church's decision to let bygones be bygones with Galileo, Blackpool, England has reversed a 44 year old ban placed on the Rolling Stones after a near riot broke out in 1964. Story here. And in the old rockers never die category, 63 year old Ray Davies of Kinks fame is still touring and still looking for something. Read the interview here.

On a steel horse I ride. As a "The Deadliest Catch" aficionado, or aficionada, for that matter, it was with great trepidation that I caught this headline. While it was none of our now familiar boats and crews, it was one of the factory ships. 4 people lost their lives. A sad associated story comes from one of the survivors.

You really got me. Finally, in a development out of 1984, it seems that Big Brother might literally be watching, at least in Miami Dade if law enforcement gets its way. They want to use unmanned aircraft in SWAT type operations. The FAA's response: "not so fast." Read all about it.

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