Friday, March 7, 2008

Yes, She Will

Got this in the mail from Human Events. It is witty: it is incisive. Monica Crowley has been on fire lately about the Clintons. How about lesson number 2 from Tuesday's results?

In order to win, she has to club the baby seal to death. And she's willing to do it. Now that she's got a bit of momentum, she must bring him low. She must attack him on every front. She must go negative. Expect more "do you really trust him to answer the red phone at 3am" ads. Expect more "Obama in native dress" photos. Expect to hear more about Tony Rezko -- who just went on trial this week in Chicago for corruption and fraud -- and his association with Obama. Expect to hear more of the fact that he's a Syrian immigrant, who made 26 trips between Damascus and Chicago from 2003 to 2006. Expect to hear additional Arab names associated with Rezko in this web of corruption -- and perhaps in the orbit of Obama.

Crowley keeps this up, and I'm starting a fan club. Read it here.

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