Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday Morning

Halftime...How about one in keeping with this week's poem? From Reuters, a study that finds middle age is really depressing. Prime time for the midlife doldrums: the forties. Good news is that it gets better. Read it and weep.

Post Game Analysis...We are indebted to the Russians for this analysis of the State of the Union Address. They noted a more realistic and less grandiose tone to the Prez's remarks. Wonder if we'll get a similar entry describing the increasingly militant tone of Putin's commentary?

Field Goal...A fun take on "open-minded" liberals from Larry Elder with the ring of truth. Bet you didn't know Bush orchestrated 9/11 to get black people. Real barber shop analysis here.

The Huddle...Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at the Clinton household? Confess. Monica Crowley takes us there in her imagined phone conversations between the Clintons. Hilarious.
Maybe, it's a woman thing.

Foul...I always like to enlighten as well as entertain, so I leave you with this article listing the worst things to say at work. They forgot the old stalwart, "ees not my yob, man." I've heard that one many a time.

Disclaimer: despite having studied it in gym class at my all girls high school, I speak football as a second language. I hope I got the terminology right.

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Fermi said...

This 'on the downside of middle aged' ex-jock gives you two arms in the air for kicking it through the uprights with your use of football terminology. Did they really teach you that 'up on the hill'? Next thing you know, you'll be couching it in front of the HDTV tonight with some jalapeno poppers, Buffalo wings, 3-alarm chili and a cooler full of ice cold Spaten Optimators, ready to enjoy the Jints win over the Pats in Super Bowl XLII.