Monday, February 4, 2008

An Endorsement of Sorts

I ran into an article by Walid Phares. I make it a point to listen to him because he's one of those "experts" on terrorism. Interestingly enough, however, this article was essentially an endorsement. The beginning is a little hard to follow, but I'll grossly oversimplify the whole thing by saying that the Dems have the wrong idea. His view of what awaits us in terms of the expansion and intensification of terrorism is chilling, and he finds their positions short-sighted. The Republicans at least recognize the problem must be addressed.

His endorsement:

Hence, as is, I have recommended Governor Romney for the Republican Primaries as first among equals while considering Senator McCain as a genuine leader. If Romney is selected I believe America may have a chance to try new strategies. If his contender is selected, we will have four or eight more years of the past seven years. On the other side, I have suggested to counter-Terrorism experts to help Democratic candidates restructure their agendas on national security in line with the reality of the enemy: For I would like to see both Parties presenting a united vision of the threat while differing on how to confront it. That would be the ideal situation America can be in and a response to the deepest will of the American public.


Theresa Jimenez said...

I guess we are selecting the best among equals here. All four front runners among Repblicans (not Paul) were and are fit to resist Jihadi terror. But I agree with Phares, Romney has the ability to face off with the future Jihadists and lead a global confrontation against them. Iraq is just one battlefield and the surge is just one battle. Romney's agenda is global and dynamic.

rsnlk said...

I don't think Romney can win, but having read his position on Cuba, I was truly impressed that he saw it in a larger context, as in he recognized the dangers of Chavez and co. So I think you might be right about Romney.