Friday, January 25, 2008

Drilling for Trouble

It's not often that I agree with Bill Nelson. In fact, my only previous contact with him was when I wrote an impassioned plea for his vote on the Medicare prescription plan to no avail. Fortunately the bill passed anyway, and seniors in Sarasota stopped hemorrhaging money and had access to prescription coverage for the first time in years.

So it is unusual to find myself agreeing with the Senator when he fears the potential environmental impact on Florida of all the planned drilling for oil in Cuban waters less than 90 miles from our coast. Here in Florida, we have fought long and hard to protect our coastal waters. An oil spill would be not only an environmental disaster but also an economic catastrophe. One can only hope our elected representatives will be successful. This is one issue that cuts across party lines.

Read about it here. Pretty cool, huh, "Rigzone."

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