Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Castro, the Scribbler

A rather piquant little column by Georgie Anne Geyer here. It's noteworthy not because it enlightens us about fifo's future- she thinks he will cling to power- but because of a few, quick jabs it takes at the coma andante. My favorites-

About the experience of interviewing the less than great one:

Well, I wouldn't say that any of us has not tried to figure that (what he is like) out. But the fact is, in my five interviews with Castro years ago, when many people were struck dumb by his charisma, his conversation was largely incoherent.

and in discussing his having taken up the pen:

But writing means reasoning, thinking things through, making decisions through giving fair weight to others' opinions and convictions. Writing means all the talents he does not have.

In truth, age has little blessed Fidel with any such talents. For indicators of the future, better to look to the Brazilian architect.

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