Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tell Everyone You Know and Update X's 2

IMPORTANT: Reminder, if you are going to send to anyone involved in any way in any country in opposition to the Cuban regime, make sure to use the blind copy feature in your e-mail. Otherwise everyone's address will appear.

Update: It works. I'm already getting positive responses back.

Below is a copy of an email I sent to everyone in my address book. I would ask that my readers do the same, as far as they feel comfortable doing, that is. I get untold bad jokes and cutesy articles daily in my inbox. Let's give them something else to read. Copy mine or write your own. I think it is particularly important to get the word out to our American friends.

Tomorrow, December 10, 2007, dissidents in Cuba will attempt a peaceful march to commemorate the anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights and protest silently the apartheid system under which they live. I use the term "attempt" because the regime has released a wave of intimidation to forestall the march since November 21. Dr. Darsi Ferrer, who has called for the protest, has been threatened with death by an official of the state. When the threat failed to intimidate him, he was summoned to military headquarters an hour before the event. The regime has also put in place measures to make sure that no one can reach the venue.
I ask your prayers for those who will attempt it. I also ask that you spread the word among your acquaintances. The greatest protection dissidents have is notice of the international community.

4 comments: said...

I also openly support any Cuban citizen who chooses to march peacefully tomorrow.

Do you know the time and place or is it secret?

rsnlk said...

At 11:00 am tomorrow in Havana at the park on Calzada between D and E (Vedado). That's all I know. And thanks!

Al Godar said...

Incluyo tu blog en mi lista de Blogs sobre Cuba.
Al Godar

rsnlk said...

Muchas gracias. Me di cuenta hoy. Tremendo trabajo has hecho, señor. Te felicito.