Wednesday, December 12, 2007


After the events in Havana on Monday, much armchair quarterbacking has been done. And rightly so. It would seem that too much was risked for too little gain. Dissidents did not seize the moment. Their only hope would have been in numbers. Alas, numbers they did not have. The fractured groups have not learned that in unity is strength. Because although we in the C/CA blogosphere followed the march, any number of small observances were held.

That written, I am not on the island. It is not my life and well-being in jeopardy. I have not lived my life gaming the system. I do not know what constitutes a victory. So I take my cue from them. If they feel some small measure of protection from international publicity, I will do what I can to make their plight known. They are in a position to know best.

Still, they may wish to rethink their strategy. What if, as someone suggested in a column, they had ambush demonstrations, a low tech flash mob? The locale could be a closely held secret until the last minute. Passersby and park goers could turn into marchers. They could infiltrate the mobs sent to harass them. In my dream scenario, they would ambush that one obnoxious specimen of humanity who appears in all the pictures. But I'm getting a bit physical here. Smaller gestures, safer, but more widespread could be an option. I suppose all sorts of variants are possible.

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El Gusano said...

R:I think you're misunderstimating Dr. Ferrer's demonstration. Dr.Ferrer knew full well when he walked into that hornets nest of thugs that he was going to get beat. i think that was the point to show the brutality to the world. The pictures/videos of the attacks made world wide news. So Dr Ferrer was successful in exposing the regime and calling attention to the opression which was his goal. He's done it twice. First, with the hospital videos and now with this. He has dealt two propaganda blows to the regime.If he did an ambush demonstration, it would be like the proverbial if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, would it make a noise?
btw, I like "strategery" always great to quote our beleaguered inarticulator in chief.