Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Morning Not So Funnies

Grudge Match? From the semi-finals of the World Cup Baseball tournament- Cuba and the United States have both emerged victorious. The finals will be today in Taipei. Sports lovers, see article here.

Wishful thinking. Russia has restructured Cuba's 166 million debt, stretching it out over ten years. As the article makes clear, this is recent debt, not the estimated 26 billion dollars owed to the Soviet Union. Sure, let's trade.

Bimbo Delusion. Guess it's catchy, because men seem to get dumber after looking at blondes. Sheesh. They didn't need a study for that. Any brunette could have told them. Read about it here.

Gutenburg Lite. The future of the the book is here, or so hopes Jeff Bezos. Amazon will be selling its very own electronic reader, the Kindle, capable of storing up to 200 books at a time.
Priced at 399.00, it's a little steep. Besides, you can't fan the pages. Read the 7 page article here.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like fanning the pages of an "experienced' book and whiffing the old paper smell