Monday, November 19, 2007


The federal and municipal governments are not the only ones making contingency plans for castro's death. According to today's Miami Herald, so is the landmark Versailles Restaurant. In a demonstration of capitalism at work, Valls, the owner, has made deals for parking spots, space, etc, with media outlets. The article here.

As I'm reading, a name calls my attention. Mr. Valls also owns Casa Juancho, "an upscale Spanish eatery." Ah, memory lane beckons me. On one of our many trips to Miami, my father who was really into his music, took us to Casa Juancho to see Tomas de San Julian. He had a song my father loved, "Es mi niña bonita." In fact, he had the musicians play it at my wedding, the one where he started crying before, during and after the ceremony. Anyway, San Julian came on, did his set, and left. It was still early so we went upstairs to a little club they had. Performing was "Cacharito of Malaga," who did a solo flamenco act. His perky little derriere in skin tight black pants, he certainly looked the part.

"Malaga, my foot," said my cousin. "Yo he visto ese desgraciado en la calle ocho: I've seen that SOB on calle ocho." Or is it only in my family, folks?

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