Monday, November 12, 2007

And Now for Some Entertainment News

Get a Clue. AFP article on how the Iraq pictures have been box office duds because people don't want to see movies about an unpopular war. Duh? I'm reading and thinking that's how they're consoling themselves. I've ranted about this before: how about maybe we don't want to see antiwar movies when we're still fighting that same war? Then I read the some of the 500 plus comments and find quite a few other outraged individuals. The Hollywood types just can't conceive that maybe there are other points of view out there. Read it all here.

Habla Español? Amusing article on the increasing use and abuse of Spanish on TV. Of particular note is the section on "Cane." Here's an excerpt:

Indeed, this is a first. Never before have three generations of a Latino family been portrayed on English-language television as people who are educated, upper class and can speak English well. But as Jimmy Smits' lead character, Alex Vega, develops more and more into a gentler and more loving amalgam of Michael Corleone and Tony Soprano, we are reminded of how much more road there is to pave.

Told you it was good. Read the rest.


Charlie Bravo said...

Really interesting.... RSNLK.

rsnlk said...

I thought so. Thanks for stopping by.