Thursday, July 8, 2010

That Slippery Slope

Those of you who read the blog know that we bought the house next door a few years ago. It stayed vacant for a few years while the hubster- in his spare time- worked on making it livable. My mother used to say that he had his vacation home next door. This year we finally moved into the almost finished house, leaving the original house vacant. When the Census rolled around, I dutifully filled out the forms, indicating that no one lived in the cottage, that's a euphemism for shack.

Lo and behold, my very irate neighbor informed me that yesterday, one of the newly hired census people came by to check it out. Then I find a little form nicely requesting a call or expect another visit. My neighbor is correct in this one. What the f*#@? It's empty. They saw it was empty. My neighbor told the woman no one lived there. What more?

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Yono Senada said...

need a renter? just askin'