Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day the Music Died

I am overwhelmed by sadness, not because of this bill...bills will come and go...but by what it represents. Already they are bruiting about all the wonderful things, like no pre-existing conditions, coverage until age 26, yada, yada, yada. But there is no such thing as a free lunch, folks. The government will now force you to have healthcare. The IRS will effectively decide what plan is acceptable, ergo the government will control the industry. A layer of government bureaucrats will be between the doctor, the insurers, and you. Scads of middle class people will be protected against catastrophic expenses on the backs of senior citizens, the segment of the population which can least afford to lose benefits. And the way this was passed... in direct contravention to the will of the people, its passage touted with the cynicism of a Hugo Chavez, or even a Fidel Castro, boggles the mind.

I sense that tonight is a turning point. That someday we will look back and see as in a Greek tragedy that this was the moment the idea of America died, although to me it started dying the day they imposed punitive taxation on one group, smokers, to openly transfer it to the children of others. Next comes the cap and trade and/or immigration. There is obviously not enough money to fund all these things. There is not enough now. So what will be the answer, a monumental tax increase?

Worse yet, by the time he and his henchpersons are finished, he will have fundamentally transformed the country as promised. I have to wonder if this was the "change" the independents wanted when they listened to the tripe being published in the media and elected a quasi socialist. Stupid, stupid, stupid. May God help America.

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