Thursday, January 28, 2010

Springtime for Hitler Sarasota Style

There is a perhaps apocryphal but oft told story in Sarasota that in the days when the town was being developed, one nabob, concerned, inquired where their gardeners would live if real estate prices kept rising. The answer supplied by one of his confreres was "Bradenton," a neighboring town. Our local version of the "let them eat cake" scenario came to mind when I found out about this. Yes, folks, the great political minds and philanthropic hearts of the Sarasota Yacht Club really are holding a "Regatta" to Havana. Of course, the regatta is one way. If memory serves...and it doesn't always these days... Cubans aren't even allowed to fish. In any event, the notion is so ludicrous, absurd, that it brought all sorts splendid parallels to mind, ergo the title here.

The conclusion here is that those in power at the Yacht Club are either completely clueless or completely impervious to the misery of their fellow man, or both; else they would not lend countenance to a murderous, repressive regime or celebrate the "golden age of clubs" with those who destroyed them. The thought that these people can go down there in their nifty boats with their nifty clothes and their nifty food in their slightly over-sized bellies amid the hunger, misery and squalor being inflicted on the Cuban people by their hosts is mind-boggling. The moral equivalent to organizing a cross-country ski trip to Stalin's Siberia, it is a stain on the name of Sarasota. They might have been better served if they had consulted the former members of the Havana Yacht Club. Incredible.

H/T Ziva

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