Thursday, August 27, 2009

"He Who Controls the Present...

...controls the past" was the party slogan in George Orwell's 1984. Witness the travesty of Eric Holder's Department of Justice: charges of intimidation against three Black Panthers, at least one of whom carried a weapon, at a Philly polling station dropped, Gov. Bill Richardson, being investigated in a pay for play scandal in New Mexico, not to be charged, to be investigated with full bells and whistles, however, is the CIA for abuses against prisoners. It occurs to me Mr. Holder might want to expand his prosecutor's inquiry into such abuses as storming a private residence in the wee hours of the night and brandishing a rather large gun in the face of a terrified 7 year old. Yup, Elian. For Mr. Holder's state of contrition, read here.

As to the elaborate political ballet of President Obama's reluctance to pursue this line of inquiry, a Cuban wit might be tempted to say, "No quiero, no quiero, hechamelo en el sombrero.*"

*translates metaphorically to "Not that, not that, put it in my hat!"

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