Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Low Human Being of the Month Award: Updated

For years I've watched Bono's philanthropic efforts with suspicion, waiting for the shoe to drop. Well, last week the recording superstar demonstrated his true caliber. Good thing I stopped listening to U2 since The Joshua Tree. That he should have differences with President Bush and seek to avoid his overtures discreetly is, I guess, within the pale. One has to wonder given Bono's ostensible devotion to Africa why he would turn his back on the President who has done the most for that benighted continent. But then if he were a brain surgeon, he wouldn't be a rock star. That he should feel the need to demonstrate how cool he is by showing off about the slight is petty and base. What, are we in high school?

You can say whatever you want about George Bush, but the man has class, which is more than you can say about the majority of his detractors.

Update: Got a hold of the YouTube of the original interview. Although he calls himself a coward for dodging the Bush hug and acknowledges what Bush did, I leave it for you to decide. It's interesting to see the variation in how this story was reported in the different media outlets.


Ms Calabaza said...

Wait a sec ... Didn't Bono admit to being wrong about President Bush and didn't he give him full credit for his work in Africa? What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

This is key, "the man has class". Unlike you, I like Bono. I don't care for his or anyone else's anti-Bush feelings though. I happen to think that President Bush comes closest to the embodiment of the perfect leader. With this said, the magnitude of the compliment is unsurmountable. I attribute his sense of class (which entails an awful lot of things,ie., respect, sensibility, courage, humility and so on.) to this ideal of leadership which I believe he has attained. This is key though how many of us today have enough class (and I don't mean material possessions or the right address as I stated above)and if you don't have class how can you see it in others. The elements that make-up class are intangible they're are not Prada shades or Armani ties, etc.) We cannot "see" what we don't possess or understand. It demands a lot from oneself to see President Bush. I think the country is in very sad shape. Thanks.

rsnlk said...

Ms Calabaza, it's what many of the reports are missing, namely the part of the interview you brought up. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Miami New Times" has written an article about Gustavo Villoldo entitled "He Buried Che". It might interest the readers of your blog.

Here is a link: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2009-08-06/news/the-cia-s-gustavo-villoldo-buried-che-guevara/

Thank you for your time!