Friday, May 1, 2009

Apoplectic Fit Inducing Quote of the Day...

...comes from this in USA Today:

But the facilities — save for some up-to-date resorts and a few contemporary Havana hotels — pose challenges for demanding Americans, experts say.

Cubans own the hotel real estate, "and (foreign) hoteliers don't have free rein to manage as they wish," Baker [ "author of the Moon travel guide to Cuba, who has visited the country more than 30 times"] says. Bad service and food are common. "Communism and good service don't go together," he says. Cuba does not get a high percentage of repeat visitors, he says.

So many aspects of this quote are so vile that it is difficult to keep from spluttering over the keys. First, there is the overt bigotry. The accommodations are not up to snuff because they are owned by the natives. You know them; they're the little brown "sensual" types. Then there is the ignorance or dishonesty of that very misleading statement. The hotel real estate is not owned by Cuban landowners, as the article, penned by Kitty Bean Yancey, implies. It is owned, as is just about everything else, by the ruling military junta. Forgive me, if I feel no compassion for those foreign hoteliers who want to line up behind the khaki clad caudillos to ravish the Cuban population. Tourism diplomacy in action.

H/T Babalublog


Ziva said...

A friend and I went to a Baker presentation a couple of weeks ago with the sole purpose to ask pointed questions during the Q&A to offset this slimy castroite's propaganda. We did change the focus of the conversation, as when challenged, he readily admitted that the lack of human rights in Cuba was real, but not his concern. He is more interested in sensuous mulatta's, if you get my drift. The man is scum.

rsnlk said...

To my mind, the quote is very telling of the man's moral fiber or lack thereof. God bless you for taking him on, Ziva.