Monday, April 6, 2009

America: Where the Fat Lady Meets the Peanut Man

Woke up this am to find Jose's delightful post on "El Manisero." The Cuban peanut vendor, unlike his American ballpark counterpart, does not sling his wares about chanting, "Peanuts! Get your peanuts heaar!" No, he sings his refrain in an evening serenade.

Brings back memories of my father wrapping paper into a cone shape demonstrating to my American daughter how the little packets of peanuts were sold. I suspect she knows more than I as they used to sing it to her.

In English we say that something is not over "until the fat lady sings." My mother with her typically Cuban sharp wit used to say that something or someone was not done until he or she sang, or canto "El Manisero." If I remember correctly, particularly in reference to mortality. I'm sure some of you reading know the ins and outs a bit better than I. So much is lost.

H/T Cubanology

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