Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Progressive Way

I fail to see the surprise at AG Eric Holder's admission that some interned at Guantanamo will wind up walking our streets. That was a foregone conclusion from the moment they announced closing Guantanamo and availing themselves of the American court system.

If you want a hint as to what happens when our system goes to work on terrorists, try reading
Two Seconds Under the World:Terror Comes to America-The Conspiracy Behind the World Trade Center Bombing . I found it at the library after the World Trade Center Bombing and the before the attack on 9/11. A well-written, enlightening book, its central premise is that the first terrorist attack on US soil was really the assassination of Meir Kahane in Manhattan. As the single reviewer on Amazon maintains, in order to understand 9/11, you need to understand the bombing.

Particularly instructive in light of today's admission is what happened to the assassin when he was tried. Ably defended by William Kunstler, he beat most of the rap for Kahane and a bystander he shot to death as he made his escape. The machinations of his co-conspirators to get him released led to the World Trade Center bombing. No lie. It's really worth a read. Then decide if you want these guys tried here.

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Sharpshooter said...

Ah, the good old William Kunstler who never found an American hater he did not like and loved. He was a real piece of work. Always on the first place defend anyone who hates the US and commits acts of terrorism. He belong in that pantheon of America's haters right along with Ramsey Clark another despicable scumbag if there ever was one.