Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meanderings: Today's Graffiti

I'm pretty much the political one around here. The hubster doesn't say much, but then he doesn't say much, period. I suppose I should have been clued in by his attitude toward voting, which he considers a civic duty. Picture Jimmy Buffet on line at the local synagogue.

His other endearing civic quirk is his love of the flag. Last year, he indulged himself and picked up a huge, and I mean huge, flagpole. In deference to my rather stridently expressed wishes, he sunk the pole, not in the ground, but in an over sized bucket of concrete. Nobody can see this expedient because of the lime green stockade fence he put up to avert the stares of the local Committee for the Defense of the Code, but that's another story.

Since inauguration day when he quietly went out in the middle of the day and retrieved his flag never to be raised again, he's addicted to Foxnews, both channels, punctuating whatever program with his obscenities. Now, I've given up documentaries. By now I could make a golf club or guitar or muck out a horse stall handily. I do like to watch CSI, Cold Case, etc.... I've also discovered these great little Canadian series like Davinci's Inquest and their Cold Case. To make a long story shorter, he refuses, insisting on watching the latest aberration with all the fascination of a gawker at a train wreck.

I'm the more philosophical one these days. It comes down to this. I believe that this administration has already overreached, shown their hand. I know, I know, about the popularity polls, but it's already demonstrated a level of incompetence that will surely sink in. I believe that many of these prescriptions are horribly wrong. Along the way, however, there are some good things that will be done. At the risk of sacrilege, I would venture that although some principles cannot be compromised, the actual process of governing should reflect the center, simply because that is the perch of the majority of citizens.

The beauty of this country is that nothing, not any administration, lasts forever. There will be another day. One could make a case that part of the reason that this administration is even possible is because we have forgotten what it was like when initiative was sapped and taxed, when entitlement destroyed the fabric of whole communities and spawned generations relegated to the underclass. I like to look at this as a reminder. The pendulum always swings both ways.

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