Monday, January 12, 2009

A Questionable Monday Turn of Phrase

Ponzi Scheme? Using the Madoff swindle as a starting point, John Stossel gives us a scary glimpse into the future when the largest of the Ponzi schemes is yet to unravel: Social Security and Medicare. To wit, according to the article, the government is simply passing along our current contributions to present retirees. What happens when the boomers retire? Hint: make your own provisions. Read it at Townhall here.

Unintended Consequences? Michael J McFadden, author of Dissecting Antismokers' Brains, writes a letter to the FT which presents a novel response to banning smoking in British pubs, as in banning smoking can be harmful to workers' health. Sounds like a stretch, but here it is.

Pottery Barn Rule? From the New York Times comes an interesting look at the history and perils of the Wedgwood company. The grande old dame of the tabletop world has stumbled financially. For those of us with a sentimental attachment to the company, it's kinda sad. Wish them luck.

Salutary Fare? Also from the Times comes a group of less popular healthful foods. I'll skip the prunes and beets, thank you.

Vague Rumblings? Two items here. First is a follow up to the Yellowstone story here. Then in a truly sad development is the news that one of my heroes is ailing. Jack Kemp is reportedly suffering from cancer. Little more news than that. Read it here.

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