Saturday, November 8, 2008

La Paloma Approaches

As I write this, Hurricane Paloma approaches landfall, which is expected in the wee hours of Sunday morning, in Cuba. The third hurricane in 60 days, it seems that this storm will also target the family homestead, which heavily damaged in the last one was still standing. The question is whether the money we sent was already used to repair the structure, in which case the storm could again damage it; or whether the money has not made it there and can be used to repair the home apres storm. However, maybe the structure won't make it through this one without fortification. These are the considerations that plague those of us with relatives held hostage in the Castrian gulag.

If we needed further proof as to what pieces of excrement run the government, in this article the cagalistroso Castro again reiterates that the island will accept no humanitarian aid from the US unless the embargo is lifted. You can bet he will have a roof over his head when it is all over... although he might want to be cautious, as it is well known that doves do have an affinity for his person.

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Ms Calabaza said...

This year has been like a curse to these poor people. How much more can they tolerate? I think the pig Castro brothers are going to wait until the Obamameister is inaugurated and then hit the US public with the "guilt trip" about the embargo. I don't think some people can wait until February for some help to come. This is horrifying. Looks like its gonna hit Camaguey straight through... Ay Dios mio!