Sunday, November 23, 2008

In-friggin-credible Expanded and Expounded Twice

This abomination, ostensibly a statue of a mime pretending to be Che, is in New York's Central Park. Can you imagine a statue of Hitler, or Stalin, or even a Grand Wizard of the KKK in the same location? Of course not. Yet this statue to a racist, homophobic, mass murderer is gracing New York's signature park. Babalu has contact information here.
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Updates: There will be more.
Thanks to Jack Kemp, not the politician, on The American Thinker for what is inscribed on the base of the idol:
The base of the Che statue has some interesting things written on 3 sides. One side has a website address ("the Che lives" in Spanish) which is no longer accessible via the internet. Another side says "viva la re-revolution," i.e., long live the re (or new) revolution, in Spanish. The third side says "Seamos Realistes Exijamos Lo impossible." This translates as "We are realistic. We demand the impossible."
As he points out, the two other statues in the exhibit bear no such legends.
Then Jose Reyes over at Cubanology has responded via an essay which includes a chilling video. Watch it and see if it sounds familiar. Thank you, Jose.
And at the American Thinker, Humberto Fontova points out that had it been up to their immortalized idol, Central Park would now be working on its half life, devoid of any of the human kind.


Ms Calabaza said...

Where is the outrage?

rsnlk said...

Good question.

Jose Reyes said...

The Statue was placed their on Monday November 24, time will tell. Getting the message out is the first step.

Agustin Farinas said...

so what is next for NYC? A statue of Pol Pot? Or one of Adolf Eichmann? Perhaps even a statue to honor Joseph Stalin? The names of murderers and the possibilities are endless. Disgusting that a Communist guy who called for the destruction of NYC in 1962 now deserves a statue to honor him.