Monday, September 8, 2008


Today, Anastasio Blanco broached an idea that seems to have been percolating in a few minds, including mine. What if these hurricanes signal the beginning of the end for the Havana Commission? It is an idea that you tend to beat back in your mind. First and foremost, there is the suffering occurring in Cuba this very minute. Second, nothing seems to kill off the malignancy that has been eating away at the island for a half century.

Still, I'll leave you with these quirky factoids:
1. The hurricane is named Ike. Eisenhower? A stretch, I know.
2. Ike entered the Bay of Nipe, the same place where the Virgin appeared to the three storm-tossed fishermen. (Incidentally also the setting for much of Telex from Cuba.)
3. The first hurricane hit the tobacco growing region; this one, their mining concerns. Two of the regime's major sources of foreign currency.
4. The Santeria Priests this year- although maintaining fidel's inviolability- did make noises about nature. I figured they had gotten politically correct and took it to mean global warming.
(Twilight zone music.)

Seriously, I suspect that our relationship with the island nation will change based on the humanitarian crisis. Whether for good or for ill, I who have not one iota of ESP cannot predict.

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Anonymous said...

You also forgot that it hit on September 8, the feast day of the Virgen de La Caridad!