Monday, August 18, 2008

Paco Noir

For obvious reasons, Michael Moore is perhaps the most universally reviled celebrity in Cuban American circles. He is up there on the anathema scale with politician Charlie Rangel, although not quite. His tenure might be brief, a sort of 15 minutes of shame, while Rangel's long career as apologist renders him a lifetime member. So we'll enjoy An American Carol, whatever the quality of the movie. And today I'll enjoy a bit of humor at his expense over at Paco's. Cute.

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Angel Garzón said...

An American Carol promises to be a great satirical exposé, God willing we plan to go see it and help Mr. Zucker with the box office receipts, he has become persona non grata in Hollywood, I am truly glad to see that a considerable number of Tinseltown's luminaries are actually not Socialists or "Limousine Communists" (H/T Ms. Calabaza) and that some who were have abandoned that Tomfoolery.