Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gorki and the Convergence of Forces

The Good News is that Gorki has been released, after being charged not with "dangerousness" but with "disobedience," and fined 600 pesos. By my calculations, that's still a substantial amount for a Cuban. I couldn't write that he's been freed, because as someone* pointed out having been born and raised in Cuba, Gorki has never been "free" in his whole life. Think about that.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the whole episode is the coming together of a number of disparate voices in his defense. His band mates, his associates and friends outside the country put out the word. The news was picked up by bloggers, the Mainstream Media (Yup), the international press, Amnesty International. There was a concert/vigil for Gorki held opposite the interests section with well-known blogger Yoani Sanchez in attendance. Narrowly missing a beating, she managed to get the word out. Contacted by media, Hector Elizardo also took up the cause. This is but a brief summary of what went on. I am sure that there was more in the fusion of action and technology.

That said. If past history is indicative of anything, it is that world opinion will only go so far. If the government truly felt threatened, they might well ignore international outcry. Let's not forget the Black Spring round up which led to all sorts of consequences for Cuba. Yet there is another possibility here. Could it be that given the present conditions, the disappointed hopes, further privations looming, the "government" fears that any incident could set the tinderbox aflame? Food for thought.

*It was Gusano in a pair of moving posts.

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