Monday, July 7, 2008

Telex Reviewed: Updated

Update: A kindly anonymous comment indicates that Kushner has put up a website associated with the book. It is quite lovely. Just click on the circles for some slide shows and more.

A while back I posted on Telex from Cuba. Well, some of the reviews are in. Both the San Francisco Chronicle and the LA Times have write-ups here and here. The latter includes some author's commentary. Perhaps the prettiest review comes from the International Herald Tribune. The New York Times has the first chapter . As for your humble correspondent, my earlier impressions.

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Anonymous said...

The author, Rachel Kushner, made a beautiful site for that book. In case you feel like linking to it, it's here:

It features images galleries with many photos of Oriente from the 1950s, and a haunting loop of La Comparsa, by Ernesto Lecuona.