Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Strangeness

This week's entries come near the witching hour when hopefully no churchyards yawn in your neighborhood.

Trust No One. In a somewhat serious vein, Victor Davis Hanson complains that the 60's won't die. Yet another examination of the less than beneficial legacy of the "me first" generation in this one on Townhall. Have to like the "60's petulance."

Cigarette Smoking Man. I knew it was only a matter of time 'til the truth won out. This article from the Sarasota Herald Tribune informs us that longer lives cost more money. Wellness and prevention are nice, but not all they're cracked up to be economically. What was that about smokers?

The Truth is Out There. There might be "no conclusive proof" tying cell phone use to cancer, but according to this piece, the Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers is issuing an advisory to his employees. Heck, I figure, why chance it? I have enough lottery tickets already.

The Lone Gunmen. Speaking of one in a trillion chances, Dr Edgar Mitchell of the Apollo 14 mission says it's true. Aliens have visited the Earth, and the government knows all about it. And yes, they are little men with big eyes. NASA's refutation is interesting. They have a "different opinion." It is what it is or isn't. Read it here.

Tunguska. Or how about in Russia where miners in the northern Kamchatka region are afraid to leave their compound after bears have killed two coworkers? Read the story here.

I Want to Believe. Let's end with another list. This one of religious sightings in unusual places: potato salad, melons, buns. Lends new meaning to finding the divine in everyday life.

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