Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What I Would Have Posted on Sunday: The Sin of Brevity

Webicide? This Article in Newsweek posits the question, will Steve Jobs murder the internet? Answer here.

Adultery. As a once longtime resident of Staten Island, it breaks my heart to see the morass into which Vito Fosella has dragged his family, as well as his political career. His wife, a sweet and wonderful person, certainly didn't deserve this, and my prayers go out to them all.

Jimmy Buffett has a new book out, Swine Not? A Novel. I can only hope it's better than that Joe Merchant thing. See him talk about the book on Amazon here.

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully have something from Americas Quarterly which has a whole section on Cuba. Unfortunately, only a preview of two of the articles is available online. Just leafing through, it looked like it was on target!

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