Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet Another Embargo Lifter and A Question

This one a representative from Minnesota, according to this report. Rep. Phyllis Kahn, a Democrat from Minneapolis has written congress, hoping to get "momentum" in the move to lift the embargo. Another Minnesotan politico, Keith Ellison, another Democrat, shares in the anti-embargo sentiment.

Well, I for one, have had it and have been thinking of how to strike back. Personally, if I can in any way identify the products that come from those places with officials whose greed outstrips their ragged morality, I will not buy them. For instance, if growers in Idaho agitate for the lifting of restrictions, I will not buy Idaho potatoes. It becomes difficult with the Dakotas, but I'll find a way.

Now they won't feel it, if I stop buying, but what if our entire population boycotted? Our numbers are small, but we are concentrated in certain areas. Would they feel it?

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