Friday, March 28, 2008

Scoreboard for Change

Let's recap the changes thus far. Well, farmers can buy supplies. That's good. Ordinary citizens will be able to buy computers, microwaves, air conditioners in 2009, toasters in 2010, and now the announcement of prepay cell phones- one hopes before that date.

Any loosening of restrictions is a good thing. Alas, most of these will have to be paid in CUC's. And under the present apartheid system, Cubans get paid in pesos. Exchange rate: approx. 25 Cuban pesos for 1 CUC. Well, you could finance your microwave, say, and pay for it for two years. Basically, unless Tia Fefa in Westchester sends you some effectivo, you ain't buyin' nothin'.

Sounds good, though. At least the MSM thinks so.

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