Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cause du Jour for the Lobotomized

So now it's the Cuban Five, huh? Some celebrity types have lent their names to a billboard campaign agitating for the freedom of the Cuban Five, those fine upstanding citizens who were spying for Cuba and were caught, tried, and convicted in a court of law. How's that for audacity? Maybe I meant stupidity.
It does unleash the imagination, though. How about free the Cuban Seventy Five, unjustly held in Cuban prisons, or even Free the Cuban Eleven Million, unjustly held in Cuba prison?

H/T Henry at Babalublog


Charlie Bravo said...

RSNLK, the mistake is that those who have to put up a billboard for the Cuban political prisoners (those in Cuba, the ones here are just freaking terrorists) are us. We should not wait for any stinking celebrity to do anything for us, it's our responsibility. We actually don't need the help of those morally bankrupt celebrities. We need to ask our Cuban celebrities and gazillionaires to put up the billboard defending the antiCastro political prisoners, actually we need to pressure them to do it, since they don't seem to have the right inspiration for it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Charlie. Resorting to calling them stupid only makes the CA bloggers seem childish.

I say we put up our own billboard, or Ad-bust theirs (much more fun):

Charlie Bravo said...

Anonymous, just a satellite image of Cuba, with the text "got freedom?" would do wonders. Or an image of children during a blackout, with their eyes reflecting the light of candles with the sign: "free Cuba". As I said, it's our responsibility to do so, there are a lot of people with blogs, and they do what they can. But our "celebrities", tv talking heads, politicians, sport people, and captains of industry should be willing to open their wallets to put up those billboards. The question is.... why aren't they doing that? When the lefties put zillions of dollars against us, and there's a consistent campaign against the Cuban people -because if it's a campaign favoring Castro, it's by definition against the Cuban people- our celebrities should be defending our people. In the meantime, we can adbust them, as you say... Which is no doubts a lot of fun!

rsnlk said...

I like the idea of our own billboard campaign, although most of my Cuban aquaintance consists of "surrupios" as my mother would say. Any Cuban millionaires out there?

Anonymous, you're right about calling them stupid. But I give them the benefit of their ignorance on most of their other comments. This one is just too much. At least supporters of the Rosenbergs had plausible hope they were innocent, which of course they weren't. But you're right. Gets you nowhere. Haven't had time to follow your link will go there soon.

Charlie Bravo said...

Well, the Eschefans, for example.
Andy Garcia.
Many musicians and baseball players.
Cameron Diaz.
The politicos.
TV talking heads.
The Perez developers, The Related Companies.
The whole bunch of lawyers.
Those are all millionaires..... Are they willing to chip in?