Thursday, January 3, 2008

Update: The Sky is Falling! Get ready to see it

Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell

Friday morning, that is. The Quadrantid meteor shower should be striking in the pre Dawn hours of Friday Morning, between 2-7AM. Although it's an annual occurence, the stars are aligned so that we'll get prime viewing in North America, actually the moon won't get in the way. It's all astronomy to me, so read about it here.

And while you're there, click on the link about the Mars Rovers for a slide show with some unbelievable pictures of the red planet. Even I, the I-won't-watch-a-space-documentary queen, was fascinated. I include one of the images to whet your appetite.
Update: At 4:14 AM I braved the cold to see the meteor shower. I didn't see nothin'. I suspect the mega car dealership down the road with its lights obscured my view.

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