Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Morning Somewhat-Funnies

Attack of the Killer Jellyfish. It was no laughing matter for the owner Ireland's only Salmon farm when a swath of jellyfish miles wide killed off at least 100,000 fish. The supposed culprit. You guessed it: higher water temperatures. Article here.

Lost in Translation. Two of Sudan's "lost boys" are returning home after two decades in Cuba. The Reuters article informs us one is a veterinarian; the other, an agronomist. They're perhaps the only people on the planet who can say life in the Caribbean dictatorship was an improvement.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. A Belgian "visual artist" opens a play(performance piece?) in Athens, I Am A Mistake, which has chain smoking performers and extols the joys of smoking. The AFP article here. Most notable for the artist's contention that smokers are the "new Negroes." To balance the presentation, a scary NYT's article about a hitherto generally unrecognized danger of smoking. No joke.

Strike Ten. The NYT's "10 Best Books of 2007" is out. I'm proud/embarrassed to say I have read nary a one, despite reading at least a book a week. I avoid this type of book like the plague. It usually involves the contemplation of someone else's navel. Actually, you can be fairly assured that these books are good, but at least one of them I have had in my hand on a number of occasions and rejected. Something about a literary movement, get my drift? So give me trash, or give me nonfiction!

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Anonymous said...

And from what I understand, "higher water temperature", no doubt due to global warming, is also being blamed for the Miami Dolphins demise.
While not so voracious a reader as rsnlk, I have been known to turn a page or three. And I too have managed to 'miss' all the books on the NYT's list. Well slap my face and call me stupid, but after having read the synopses of each, I wouldn't put any one of them in my Amazon shopping cart at gunpoint.
And speaking of gunpoint, even THAT won't get a confirmed (aka addicted) smoker to stop. After all, what's the usual 'last request' before facing the firing squad.