Friday, November 30, 2007

YouTube Debate: The Republicans

Sounds like the title of an Alex Haley or John Jakes novel- The Republicans- doesn't it? Anyway, "Self," I say, "how can you possibly write about a debate you refused to watch? After all, didn't you maintain that if your society is going to hell in a handbasket, you didn't have to assist in the process?" That, I did or, more accurately, did not (watch the debate).

I have, however, enjoyed the coverage of same on our blogs. For the play by play and analysis, I heartily recommend Nelson Guirados's blog, Assymetric. I've linked to the main page because he has a few posts. Just hit the "politics" button. This AM, Val Prieto on Babalublog pokes fun at the notion that anyone should be shocked that there were Democrat plants. Duh? CNN unfair? I've saved the best for last, though. Our resident student journalist, Frances Martel, posted a delightful piece anticipating the whole extravaganza, notable for its wit. Her masterful descriptions nearly made me laugh out loud. I leave you with some snippets:

Thanks to YouTube, Sam from San Francisco has no need to depart from his commune should he want to ask Barack Obama what type of marijuana he prefers to smoke now that he’s a Senator- and where he can get some. Kurt from southern Texas can wonder aloud to millions what Bill Richardson will do about permits to hunt illegals at the border. And Pam from the Maryland suburbs can demand an answer to the heaviest question weighing on American soccer moms’ minds about their preferred candidate, John Edwards: “boxers or brief?” all while she makes the kids breakfast before she sends them out on the field.


Perhaps one of the most defining shifts in the debate from those of the past is the revoking of Wolf Blitzer’s out-of-coffin hours during the debate. Blitzer remains calmly as host of Ambien’s worst enemy, “The Situation Room”, and has been replaced by aging hipster Anderson Cooper. Cooper, who can be seen doing “edgy” and “totally extreme” things on his program, “Anderson Cooper 360º”, weekdays at 10 PM, is essentially CNN’s version of Steve Irwin. Cooper tries to be intrepid to the point of desperation, and makes life-or-death situations out of anything from the release of a new Kenny G album to an interview with Angelina Jolie (to Cooper’s credit, the latter could quite possibly be a life-or-death situation).

Yup, I love them all!


Rafael said...

I'll tell Frances that you quoted her piece today. She's very busy running for the Harvard UC Presidency, If I may with conspicuous pride as her father, she's the first-so far they're still looking in the records-female and the first Hispanic-female to run for this position since 1649. She's also a well known Republican in probably the most liberal campus in America. Thank you very much for your kind words to her.


Rafael Martel

rsnlk said...

And proud you should feel. I read your blog daily. You're doing great work over there, not to mention you keep me in touch with my Northern roots. I would comment, but I can't figure out how to get my email off the comment. You, of course, are welcome to it.

Frances said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comments! I'm glad you enjoyed my piece, and, more importantly, understand the absurdity of these debates that I was trying to depict.

Great work on the blog, btw. I always get to it through dad's blogroll and read up once in a while, and I really enjoy your stuff. I've been meaning to link you on the Harvard Independent blog these days, haven't gotten around to it. Will do so tonight!